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1. Sakal Jobs (Job Portal): Sakal Jobs is an innovative job portal connecting job seekers with employers, facilitating seamless recruitment processes and fostering career growth.

2.  D-Akademy (Digital Academy): D-Akademy is a cutting-edge digital academy providing online education and skill development courses, empowering learners with knowledge and expertise in various domains.

3.Realink (Properties Management Solution): Realink offers a comprehensive properties management solution, streamlining property management tasks, and enhancing efficiency for real estate professionals.

4.  POEM (Paperless Office Management System): POEM is a state-of-the-art paperless office management system, optimizing workflow, reducing paper usage, and promoting eco-friendly practices within organizations.

5. LEKHAS (Secure Spam-free Private Communication Solution): LEKHAS is a secure and spam-free private communication solution, ensuring confidential and efficient communication channels for businesses and individuals alike.

6.  E-Pariksha (Examinations Management): E-Pariksha revolutionizes examinations management, providing a digital platform for seamless exam administration, result processing, and academic assessment.

7. DHS (Digital Health Services): DHS offers digital health services, leveraging technology to enhance healthcare accessibility, patient records management, and overall healthcare system efficiency.

8. dAMS (Digital Assets Management System): dAMS is a digital assets management system, simplifying the organization and retrieval of digital assets for businesses, marketing teams, and creative professionals.

9.  E-SCM (Supply Chain Management System): E-SCM optimizes supply chain processes, ensuring efficient logistics, inventory management, and collaboration among stakeholders in the supply chain.

10.   m-Billing (Mobile Billing Solution): m-Billing provides a mobile billing solution, allowing businesses to generate invoices, manage payments, and streamline their billing processes on the go.

11.   i-Pay (Intelligent Payroll System): i-Pay is an intelligent payroll system that automates payroll processing, tax calculations, and employee compensation management, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

12.   d-Time and Attendance (Time and Attendance Management System): d-Time and Attendance simplifies workforce management, tracking employee attendance, managing work hours, and enhancing overall productivity.

13.   d-Accounts (Digitized Real-time Accounting System): d-Accounts is a digitized real-time accounting system that provides businesses with accurate financial insights, efficient bookkeeping, and compliance management.

14.   d-Labs (Digitized Intelligent Laboratory Management System): d-Labs revolutionizes laboratory management, offering digitized solutions for equipment tracking, sample management, and data analysis.

15.   d-PA (Digital Personal Assistant): d-PA is a digital personal assistant designed to enhance productivity, assist with tasks, and provide valuable insights, simplifying daily routines for users.

16.   D-IAM (Digital Identity and Access Management): D-IAM ensures secure digital identities and access control, protecting sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access within digital environments.

17.   D-Sign (Digital Secure Signing Solution): D-Sign provides a digital secure signing solution, enabling users to sign documents electronically, ensuring authenticity and legality in digital transactions.

18.   I-Support (Intelligent Bot to Assist Customers): I-Support is an intelligent bot designed to assist customers, providing instant responses and solutions to queries, enhancing customer service experiences.

19.   Ezi (Intelligent e-Commerce and ERP Solutions for Business Houses): Ezi offers intelligent e-commerce and ERP solutions tailored for business houses, integrating processes for seamless operations and improved business performance.

20.   B-Logs (Blockchain-Based Security Solutions): B-Logs employs blockchain technology to provide secure solutions, ensuring data integrity, transparency, and enhanced security for various applications and industries.

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