Digiks SmartEd Suite


Transforming offices with Digiks: Streamlined workflow, reduced search time, and empowered decision-making, all while cutting printing costs

2. D-Journal

Digiks’ electronic periodicals platform revolutionizes school publications, fostering creativity, enhancing writing skills, and elevating the school’s reputation worldwide


Transforming collaboration in academic and literary teams, breaking geographical barriers, and boosting productivity through real-time editing and assessment, ushering in a new era of experiential learning.


Revolutionize your research space with Digiks Research Vault: Effortlessly store and retrieve various materials, ensuring security, collaboration, and efficiency in your workflow

5. IPGeni

IPGeni: Simplify patent and copyright drafting, enhance intellectual property protection, and engage with experts seamlessly, revolutionizing intellectual property management

6. D-Academy

D-Akademy: Empower institutes with user-friendly e-learning, diverse content, personalized experiences, and enhanced security, revolutionizing education for continuous learning

7. Dexams

Dexams: Revolutionizing college exam preparation with true-to-life simulations, personalized practice, and detailed performance insights, ensuring confidence and success

8. SakalJobs

Bridging talented teachers with schools through streamlined applications, efficient talent pools, and effortless recruitment management, revolutionizing the hiring process.

9. CareerCompass

Empower students with personalized career guidance and data-driven insights through Digiks’ CareerCompass, revolutionizing professional educational institutions’ approach to navigating the competitive job market


AssetWise: Transforming educational asset management with cloud and mobile technology, simplifying tracking, maintenance, and operational efficiency.

11. InfoVault

InfoVault: Your secure, centralized solution for efficient document storage, retrieval, and compliance, enhancing productivity while minimizing risks and costs


Transforming education with PraXiP: Digiks’ dynamic live projects platform bridges academia and industry, enhancing student employability and preparing them for real-world success

13. HackHub

HackHub: Empowering students with immersive Hackathons and Ideathons, fostering creativity, innovation, and teamwork in alignment with the NEP vision

14. SecureSphere

SecureSphere: Digiks’ robust Data Protection service ensuring utmost safety and confidentiality of personal records, instilling trust in students and stakeholders while complying with data protection regulations

15. IncuHub

IncuHub: Digiks’ expert service for establishing incubation centers, fostering entrepreneurship, and generating additional revenue for educational institutions

16. DigiMark

DigiMark: Empowering incubation center members with comprehensive digital marketing training, transforming their ability to enhance online presence and engage customers effectively

17. CashCatalyst

CashCatalyst: Digiks’ cutting-edge billing solution streamlines financial processes, saving time and reducing errors for incubation center members, ensuring seamless cash flow management

18. Dchain

Dchain: Digiks’ cutting-edge supply chain management solution tailored for incubation hub entrepreneurs, optimizing operations and propelling ventures towards success

19. dVises

dVises: Digiks’ expert promo-video service for incubation hub startups, capturing innovation and vision with engaging storytelling, leaving a lasting impression on audiences

20. Dost

Dost: Digiks’ revolutionary Help Desk Solution streamlining customer support with centralized management for prompt issue resolution

21. DaCredit

DaCredit: Digiks’ tailored accreditation documentation system streamlining the process for professional colleges in India, propelling them towards enhanced accreditation prospects and academic excellence

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